Food On My Cha Cha

Yes. This week I will show you some photos of food I shared on my Facebook using my HTC Cha Cha.

This one not halal ok? Pork noodles at one of the kopitiams in Bangsar lol.

Posting this photo to Facebook was as simple as.. ‘A’… no ‘B’ no ‘C’ cos it gets done at ‘A’. lol

Seafood platter at Manhattan fish Market! BEST.

After taking the photo, all I did was pressing the ‘Facebook’ button and BOOMS! Uploaded.

Desserts at Sri Petaling.

Sharing website links is easy too!

While surfing on a website, just press the “F” button and BOOMS!

So there you go. That’s how I share stuff on my Facebook.



  1. Brian Ong

    I bought a Chacha already! :))

  2. Alan Lim

    That is very convenient man.

  3. Albert Ng

    F-ing awesome! Just hit the F button!

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