Ford Sync Is As Awesome As Me #techgeek

Hey all Techies! This is a special announcement for you you you and you in Malaysia.

If you love technology and all things geeky, you have to check out what I have to say ok?

Ford Fiesta is coming to town and it comes with this cool in-car entertainment system called ‘Ford Sync’. With this new system in the car, users can make calls, play and change music tracks, listento text messages and do all sorts of cool stuff with it. It’s sort of like Siri, but for the car. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about right? Here’s a photo in case you are still blur. Hahah.

In relation to the Fiesta, there’s this Fiesta movement which just ended and I was one of the 4 agents leading the campaign! I am of course the #techgeek. See the hashtag I just used? That’s the hashtag participants need to submit along with your entry in the category I am leading.

Winners will get Meet and Greet passes to LINKIN PARK ‘LIVING THINGS’ WORLD TOUR LIVE IN MALAYSIA 2013 & be in the ads for the upcoming Ford Fiesta!

AWSM right?! So quickly head on to and check out all the entries. DO you know who will be picked to be my agent-in-training?


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