Forest Walk & The Longest Photo Ever

(Photos below were taken using Sony A550, TX1 and WX1)

So on the 2nd day of the Langkawi media trip, we were all grouped and each one is given tasks to be completed through out the day. Team members had to use all the cameras and handycams to record footages and produce a video presentation at the end of the trip.

My teammates! Editors from The Star, HWM, fashion magazine, Sony dealer and a marshal from Sony itself.

The first task was to be completed during the forest walk. A guide were assigned to each team to bring us around and to explain about the nature.

We saw lots of weird plants, insects and we saw some rare monkeys too!

The guide also showed us which plant can be used as medicine etc etc

We had to use every camera we have to capture images… this shot was to prove that we did use them.. lol

The walk eventually brought us to the sea… we took some photos there and went back to the forest.

Behold! The longest photo EVAR!!!!


Thanks to the Sweep Panorama feature on the new TX1 and WX1, taking panorama shots is just a sweep away.



  1. Silencers

    Yerr… you could have taken a better vertical panorama, lol. Too much empty space up there hahaha, you can just stretch it gila gila and really make it the longest picture ever XD

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahah it was just a random shot by my teammate… lol.. if me i prolly will start from my feet n pull it up to the sky ahha

  2. kornykornelius

    cool panorama photo… by the way the photo show ur hand doing something… macam giving us some sign… something… ahem..

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahaahha i was waving oni la hahah

    Silencers Replies:

    Like Jason is fapping the air, lol.

  3. Eugene Lee

    Ah Pop, you’ve got 4 left hands!! xD

    smashpOp Replies:

    ya lo damn keng kan? ajaj

  4. acaPAWN7

    OMG, it’s Dhalsim ‘pOp’ from the Street Fighters.. XD

    smashpOp Replies:

    YA WEH!!! nvr thought of that ahahah

  5. Ah Hong

    First time I see so looonng vertical panorama pic. Cool

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahahahh coolness leh!

  6. ahbing

    Holy sh*t that’s really longest picture ever I saw on blogs -_- it’ll be cool if you can move your head in four direction. Lagi chun.

    smashpOp Replies:

    i shall try that soon LOL

  7. J2Kfm

    Cool shot, really long. Though vertical panoramic shot looks kinda strange.

  8. Albert Ng

    Now I feel inspired to take vertical panoramas because they won’t make layouts break! 😀

  9. Alvin

    I like the vodka pic!!! and the longest pic! nice panorama!

  10. Model Zoo

    Love the close up pictures and the tallest picture ever!

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