Fortune Wheel

I have been taking photos for sooo long…

I have never encountered this before.

I was testing my flash, so I simply made a test shot.

I captured an image of .. something…

something that I didn’t believe seeing.

There was no one behind the three of them when I shot the photo.

I… dont know what to say about the blurry thingy behind them.


anyways, the other day, Jen, Hikaru, Jacklyn and I went to Station 1 Pandan Indah for yumcha… and we played Jenga.

me concentrating

jacklyn n jen

we were then joined by Ryan, Douglas, Joshua and Darren.

After Station 1, we went to the 9th Emperor Temple again.

thanks Ryan bbbb for taking this photo for us

Didnt get to take any photos in there cos too packed.

But I recorded a video of us playing wheel of fortune at the flour puppet stall!!

Taken at DVD quality using my Nokia N95


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