Fortune Windmill

last few photos from my first visit to the 9th Emperor Temple.

we spent like 10 minutes at the entrance camhoring. lol. no la basically we were taking a lot of slow shutter pics.. thats why took so long.

all these were handheld.. at 11mm, 1sec, iso500.

another slow shutter photo. haha.. had to force my hands to not shake as much as possible cos i didnt bring tripod… again, love the built-in antishake haha

we then started walking out again and we used a different path… saw different stalls.

these windmill thingy were sold here there n everywhere… but no one buy.. why ah? they probably dont believe in good fortune?

okay… thats it. no more photos.

oh wait. we went there again 7 days later and took only 2 photos. So the photos will be up… soon. 🙂


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