Fried Oysters n Asam Laksa

Still want char kuey teow? mua chi? rojak?

or wanna order something else?

let’s see what else is there

ok decided? anyways.. .I ordered some already… lets share.. not enough then we order again ya

i had 2 bowls of this! ahaha damn nice.. sour.. spicy.. yummymummy

OrChien… i had 2 plates of this too! one was RM8.. then was RM5 cos smaller portion. Dip the fried egg and oyster into the chili sauce.. fuah!

after eating so much.. must cool down… come let’s enjoy this ais kacang..

hmm still hungry?

wanna order again?

aiyo.. too many ppl queueing already.. come back tomorrow then.. hehe..


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