Friends, Twisties & Free Food @ Worldstage

So we were at MTV Worldstage 2012 last weekend and thanks to MTV Asia, we got ourselves access to the VIP area.

Here are some photos of friends I met there.

Lyynd and I arriving at the Surf Beach

The VIP area with tables, chairs and free food! lol

Met Jing there…. waddup bro!

All types of food was served there… satay, fried rice, naan and tandoori etc etc

Bumped into Puma Friends HAnif and Jeff.. uniform yo! ahhaha

Blake wanted to take photo at the Lenovo booth haha

Big Twisties was dancing along to Justin Bieber’s performance 😛

These guys were there too!

Fun night at MTV Worldstage. See you next year!


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