Friendster Cafe Gath pt2

more pics from bloggers Gathering at Friendster Cafe on Saturday!

everyone gathered to see ppl moving arms n legs playing Wii.

Sue can msg me in msn? need to send u this pic. lol

the guy from ipoh, penang, kl n everywhere else… and Elaine the organisor for the event.

she came to me and started a topic which got the 2 of us talking non stop. Wassup Lin.. 😀

The glamorous community people

Victor: yo.. didnt know ur so tall! Jumping makes u tall huh..
Me: didnt know drinking alcohol 247 can make u tall too 😀

chow and nick came late.. ahhaha no goodie bags for you guys 😀

fuh… this one… knew him when i was about to leave. so didnt take foto with him. (photo taken using Mike’s cam)


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