From Kuala Lumpur To Barcelona

– How long does it take to fly from KL to Barcelona?
– Well, not very long.. around 15 hours? LOL and has to transit at Amsterdam too. So yea. Not very long 😀

Just a while back, I was invited by Nokia to attend Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. So this post will initiate the never-ending photos of the whole trip.

Let’s start of with this shot in the plane.

I’m always excited when travelling alone. Do you?

After like 13 hours in the air, I finally landed at Schipol airport, Amsterdam. It was my 2nd time here and everything still looks the same yo!

Had an hour to spend so checked out souvenirs. These tshirts basically sum up Amsterdam: weed + red light districts.

Arrived at Barcelona airport. Welcomed by this person sent by Nokia. She guided me to the lil van that brought me to the hotel.

Checked into my room and buzzed Lester to see if he has arrived from Singapore. He did!

So we went for a walk in town cos both of us were there 1 day earlier.

More photos next!


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