Fuah! Spritzer Water Dispenser!

THIRSTY! THIRSTY! *runs into the pantry*

AAhhh… nothing beats clean refreshing water to quench thirst no matter what time of day it is.

Did you know that I consume bottles after bottles of water every day? Haha yes I’m forever thirsty
like that.. And it’s quite inconvenient for people like me to keep carrying the water bottle into my
room or my work cubicle cos it finishes very quickly…. I NEED A SOLUTION!.. And boy I found one.

It’s the amazing Spritzer Water Dispenser!!!!! See the little green one in the middle? That’s mine!
It’s mini.. Hence it’s very easy to change water when.. U know.. I finish all of it and need to replenish.

The Spritzer water dispenser is not like what you normally see ok? It’s premium water, light weight
and easy for moving. It’s a new patented design which is suitable for home, office or outdoor
activities. Mini Dispenser makes changing water so easy. That’s why I have it in my room. Lol.

I think the size is just right to be put in bedrooms. Slim and tall.

Do note that it’s highly recommended to use Spritzer 6L & 9.5L with non-spill cap function.
Now you might ask… “how to change the water ah?”

This is how:

1. Easy-tear handle for mobility
2. Non-spill cap which solved all spilling issues on replacing the empty bottle
3. Light-weight for ladies for loading onto dispenser
4. Assurance of highest quality water
5. Independent source of water – Relieved of worrying about any water malfunction or a water
supply shortage, lack of water pressure or any other trouble.

That’s it! So easy.. go grab your own Spritzer Water Dispenser now! I’m gonna go get my gulp
now. 😀


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