Fun Fun Outing With A.R Drone Quadracopter!

2 weeks ago I texted Ewin and Xiang, “Hey wanna go fly helicopter using your iPhone and iPad?”

They were like “what you talking about?”

“Just come lah…. we go fly Drone”

So we went to the football field near Amcorp mall to play with my new toy, the A.R Drone… quadracopter controlled using iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

This is the A.R.Drone.
– Remote control quadricopter controlled by iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad
– Interchangeable hulls designed for both indoor and outdoor use
– Fly and battle with other Drone users via a Wi-Fi network
– Front-view camera with live video feed on your iPhone/iPod touch

… and this iz us.. with the Drone above our heads LOL.

The A.R.Drone comes with 2 protective ‘hud’. The 4 circles one is for indoor and the colourful-bug like one is for outdoor.

The Drone was really fun to play with.

All we need to do was just download the app from Appstore, launch it and connect it to the Drone. Thats all!

It comes with a big spongy bag for you to carry the Drone everywhere you want.

Check out the video of us flying it.. AHAHHAH super funneh.

So where did I get the A.R Drone from?

HERE! So if you wanna get one for yourself, just come to this website and you’ll know what to do after that.

AHAHAH Candid shot. So to all iPhone iPad and iPod Touch users… let’s all go get the A.R. Drone and fly them together-gether!



  1. ewin

    HAHAHHAHA LOL at the last photo!

    ewin Replies:

    HAHHAHAHAHHA at xiang’s expression! and sam… and minee.. and ur cappp. and everythingggg! hahahaha

  2. Tian Chad

    This really look fun =) Checked the price of it and it is not cheap ar

    smashpOp Replies:

    ya wor. don worry. check my blog again nex week 😀

  3. Vincent Phang

    saw the price and WOW!!! xD

  4. Blade CX2

    This looks amazing! The iPod controller is awesome too. I’ve gotta look in to one of these. They just look wicked!

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