Funky Dinner with Buddies

Sometime back, a few of us went for dinner at Funky Villa at e@curve.

Yvonne Sim joined us.. and while we were walking there, we took some photos of her wearing the AHM tshirt.

Ahhh… time to feast!

More photos of the food and the restaurant tomorrow… for now.. our faces! ahahha

OK be sure to check back tomorrow for some awesome food shots & review. hehe

Photo taken from Alexander Voo’s flickr.

Anyone knows where is this? 😀



  1. Swee San

    u going to hat yai?? look for the chicken rice shop near odeon shopping mall ( and tau foo far near Golden Crown Hotel.. it’s yums!

  2. Joey

    Smashpop going to S.I.A.M

  3. uLi

    I spotted 1 lenglui 🙂

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