Funky people funky food

OK now that we have seen the faces at the dinner at Funky Villa.. its time to checkout the food!

I like their funky wall design.. hehe ok ok here comes the food.

We tried 3 of their famous drinks, Iced Roselle, Iced Tamarind and Iced Lemongress. The one I like most is the Roselle. At first sip, I thought I was drinking some sweetened flower petals, then only I found out it was made of rose and its good for health.

We ordered a few appetisers. My favourite was this, Half Boiled Eggs Wrapped in FishCakes. It’s superb I tell you! It’s not the ordinary thai fish cake that you tried before. This one is specially made fish cakes wrapping half boiled eggs with some of their own gravy.. heavenlike. Yumz!

Another one I enjoyed was this.
Imagine… fish floss with peanut.. mixed it with mango slices = wow. Lol I rate this 9/10. My mouth is watering as Im typing this lol.

This is new to me as I’ve never tried before elsewhere. Prawn Wrapped In Vermicelli. This one is like prawns wrapped in springroll skin + crunchy vermicelli. Rangup dan lazat as some might say.. ahhaha. Ok enough about the starters. Here comes the main dishes!

This one is called Basil Leaf Beef. I’m a beef lover and therefore I love this. Ahaha. It has a little bit of spiciness and a little bit of sweet which carries very well with the tender beed and basil leaves. I would’ve finished the whole thing if I could. I rate this one 9.5/10.

I can still remember the taste of this very well. The sweet and sour gravy with tangy cuttlefish is to die for. If you want to fully enjoy yourself, you have to order this Steam Squid. Just by looking at the colourful chopped garlic, lime and chilli will get you hungry straight away.

Candid and more shots of us & desserts at Funky Villa tomorro!

Photo taken from Alexander Voo’s flickr.



  1. uLi

    Funky commenter 😛


    hahahahha… pop bro! long time no come in d!
    hahahah.. ur pics still…. wow!! awesome!!!!!
    hope to snap like you so “chun” de? hehehhehe…
    teach some tricks or tips? hahhahaa…
    all the best, bro!! hehehehe keep POP!!!!

  3. biopolymath

    Gud place 2 chill 🙂

  4. ah hong

    Definitely going to try this out in my next visit to e-Curve.

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