I havent been to any stand up comedies before.. really… was never interested in all these things…

but i dono why.. this Gamarjobat show caught my attention.

So Albert, Jen, J.lim and I went to watch today.. we had dinner at Fathimah(behind bangsar LRT station) before we went to Actors Studio.

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Yea.. natural shots..

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We had nasi lemak and cheese naan

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Met up with Mr. TV Smith before entering the hall.. and after watching the show.. I got the chance to take photos with the 2 superb comedians from Gamarjobat… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh happiness.. lol..
p/s: photo taken by J.lim

The show was damn damn good. You guys should go see it or else YOU WILL REGRET!!!!!!!!!!! ahhaa
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