Gameplan Wedding

I just came back from Pavilion! Cos i went to the watch ‘The Rock’ doing silly things with a small girl who claimed to be his daughter. lol

The movie is very predictable. I think The Rock’s acting is a bit too ‘kua jiong’… anyways.. its a Disney movie.. so cant expect much. Ratings? 5/10.

Before the movie, we went dinner at Ichiban Ramen or something…

then right before the movie started, 2 fellas came running.. cos aparently… they were late. lol

ok lah… after the movie.. I rushed home and now im typing this. lol

so so so what have you guys chosen? hahaha

20 person chose to attend Brandon and Cherrie’s wedding.

19 person want to go on a trip to Hongkong…

and 6 person wanna watch Rynn Lim’s concert at KL Convention Centre.

So let’s go to PEARL INTERNATIONAL HOTEL to attend the wedding! haha

we reached there at about 6.45pm… considered a bit early.. so we took some photos to warm up.

Yow.. who is shy… and CK who loves anime. ahhaa

My female colleagues… 😀 all chun chun kan?

Joan aka food lover! Long time no c her d..



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