Gathering at Friendster Cafe

on Saturday night, I went to this Bloggers Gathering at Friendster Cafe, Damansara.

It was fun knowing so many new people.

It was fun being called out by Christien New to challange him in a game of Wii.

It was fun to see so many chun cars n chun chiqs around…

and it was fun taking photos with the people I met there.

To start off, here’s a smashpOp jump done with Josh Lim.

Josh! tinggi sikit boleh? haha

The familiar faces

My 3rd time meeting him! Friendly guy

Budak ni came all the way from Penang!

Gallivanter’s name is actually DanielFranklin… and ShawnKid is only 17!?? omg

1 pilot…. 2 pilot….. 2 pilots!!! Muahahaaha

Lets see. Knew her ages ago from Xfresh.. then met up at some random places… then watch her perform in So You Think You Can Dance… and also.. we have the same surname! 😀

Mixture of colourful hair human, surferchiq, crazyIndon, cute n bubbly girl and a bollywood star.

more pics tomorrow!


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