Gathering n Flipsyde

WWWEEEEEEEEE!!! so happy that i can post fresh photos.. lol

Today we went to see FLIPSYDE!!!

okok before that… I went to this mini bloggers gathering.. met the ppl at Starbucks KLCC… then some of us were hungry.. so we moved to burger king.

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From left to right: Ivan, ME!!!!, Jenifer, Jack, Matthew, Yee Hou, Kyels, Skyler and Chengsim

Then we walked to Zouk.. which was down the road..

Purposely go there early so that we can take some pics.

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I wanted to jump.. so i asked Jack to join me.. then Ivan joined as well.. I then called Albert to join.. n we all persuaded Skyler to come into the picture as well.. look how much she contributed to this jumping photo.. merely 5cm.. ahha

At about 5.15pm we went in… got ourselves a nice spot.

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Before anyone goes on stage.. better snap snap first 😛

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Fabian was the host of the whole thing and as usual.. he played some games to warm things up.

Here’s a video of the catwalk game.. MUST SEE!

hows it? hows it?

the games ended with a video clip played on the screens in the club.

Flipsyde then came out on to the stage and shook the club with their music.

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Apart from the head bangingnice music, the lighting was great.. so nice

Lastly… a video of them performing the famous song.. Someday

now the ‘someday’ song is stuck in my head.. dammit


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