On the 17th July, my family and I went to Gemencheh Neg. Sembilan for my cousin’s wedding makan session. It was organised by the bride’s family.

Here are some photos.

After we arrived at the restaurant, my cousine went and fetched Emily.. and they made it back to the restaurant at about 130pm.

The usual cake cutting session took place after a few dishes were served.

Then champagne

Then both families did the yumseng thingy.

Here’s a shot of us and the couple…

The day ended with a shot of the couple and their friends.



  1. DSvT

    Happy to them…
    Good job wor…

    smashpOp Replies:

    they say thanks. ahah

  2. suetmei

    who’s that beside you?

  3. ahlost

    the groom looks a bit like benben 😀

    Congratulations to the couple 😉

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