Getting my dose of clean air in this hazy season!


Photos and videos of the haze have been flooding social networks. Well, it’s really very serious now and the PSI for some areas in the country have even reached 700!

Here’s how KL looks like now.

Looks like a scene from Silent Hill the game. Hahah

Anyways, precautions that we can do is always wearing a mask, never go out of the house and drink more water. There really isnt much that we can do about the weather.

I posted this Instagram video yesterday to depict how bad is the haze now in Malaysia.

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At the end of the vid you can see how I get my dose of clean air. It’s all thanks to this little gadget in my car, the SHARP Ion Plasmacluster.
This gadget produces clean air by removing adhered mold in addition to suspend mold, is speedy in deodorizing of adhering odor and has strong performance of removal of viruses and allergens from dust mite.

It’s good to have it with me all the time in my car. Keeps the air fresh and clean.

I usually switch it on as well after everytime I am done with my jogs and exercise.. but at times like this, only indoor workout is recommended.

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