Giant Domokun & Durian At Redbull FlugTag!

PART 1: My RedBull FlugTag Experience In Singapore!
PART 2: Giant Rubber Chicken In The Sky!
PART 3: More Flying Action From Redbull Flugtag in SG!

More flying machines! This time around its DOMOKUN yo!

Meanwhile, on the beach.. big durian was flying into the sea lol

Spent hours under the sun. Got super tanned after that. So awesome!

As we were leaving at the end of the event, I bumped into these models for Mini (the car brand)

We ended up at hotel cafe sipping milkshakes cos we were all sweaty and drained after half day on the beach. Oh look! Azura checking out my blog on the iPad lol

Finally got into our rooms for the first time on that day.

More photos soon!


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