Giant Rockers & F1 Day 3

Part 1: The F1 Trip To Singapore By Sony
Part 2: ION At Night, Breakfast & F1 Briefing
Part 3: Buffet Lunch & Popiah!
Part 4: The meet at Starbucks Orchard
Part 5: Shooting Speeding Night Race
Part 6: Singapore Flyer Plank! Best Marina Bay View Ever
Part 7: A Night With Fast Cars & Millions Of People
Part 8: Shaggy, F1 Party, Clarke Quay & The Last Train Back
Part 9: Lunch with SG Buddies

After lunch, we went back to the hotel and got ready to go to the F1 track again for our 2nd day shoot.

We arrived and there was like a carnival at the entrance. Amazing

These girls were everywhere!

We arrived at the paddock and went up the stairs in the respective column

We were too early though.. the crowd was still not here ahahha

We took some photos. Love this panorama shot.

My fav shot that day

Since we were early we went for a short walk around to check out the area



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