Gold Fever

Ok so back to the day when we went shopping at Riau.

we went back to hotel at about 5pm… freshened ourselves and then it was time for our annual dinner.

The theme that night was Gold Fever. So we could wear either retro clothes.. or goldiegold clothes.

Pics! from before the dinner

the girls and I

Adam C, Ngan Mei Yan(MyFM dj) and me! 😀

Laureen and I. She was awarded Blur Queen of the company that night. ahah

the ever so cute Cherrie.. 😀

Rames, Reza, Cherrie, me and Ryan

we took damn damn a lot more pics… but enough la kan?

then at 830pm the dinner started.

dance performance, awards presentations, lucky draws, games and food… all these brought us to the end of the event.. at about 11pm..

we started to partay!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was also the first time I drank 1 glass of Vodka+Coke, 4 glasses of Whisky+Coke and 2 glasses of Whisky+Sprite back to back and we danced n drank til about 3am…

Ean, Rudy and Jakeman doing their thang on stage for fun

then we all slowly crawled back to our rooms at 3-4am.. some slept in the lift.. some at the lobby…

and some didnt go back to their rooms.. hmm 😀

ahahha superb night


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