GongCha & Chicken Rice in Hong Kong

Part 1: The Day I Travelled To Hong Kong Alone

So after checking out my room, I walked around Wan Chai trying to find Gong Cha since it originated from HongKong.

There was actually one outlet right across from my hotel! OMG!

I quickly bought one to quench thurst.. it was super hot that day…

then CJ called to tell me that he has arrived at the hotel. So I went back to meet him and Chris

We talked for a while and I got hungry as I didnt take breakfast. Went to the nearby eatery to try out their food.

I ordered chicken rice ahaha. Not bad quite nice a bit like those in Malaysia

We then went for a short walk trying to find Sogo

Still walking and in the end we couldnt find it. -_-”




  1. Tallboyz

    Why u walk with Chris as if like holding hand. lol!

  2. zstan

    But the signboard says gong cha originated from gao xiong taiwan wor…

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