Good Charlotte Concert pt1

i have to stop my Penang posts for 3-4 days cos GOOD CHARLOTTE CONCERT ROX! so wanna blog about it first. 😀

Reached there at about 7pm.. a bit late la cos we(junn, hikaru, euniceand I) went to have dinner at Puchong.

The queue was super long..Steph n Junnie joined us.

Then got ourselves in and met up with Kelli, Bryan, Cheryl, Nick, Chowster, Nat..

then we took pics!

shout louder can ah, eunice?

Met up with Melvyn, Victor and Audrey

This is not a Digi ad ok. 😀

Suddenly kelli n gang started playing cards.. wtf?

then someone pat my shoulder and I saw another friend of mine.. Nicholas. He then rushed back to where his friends were.

and we kept taking pics! here’s a group shot.

then local bands started performing.

Here’s a video of Nick, Chowster, Bryan, Cheryl, Steph and me.(recorded using my N95)

WHERE IS GOOD CHARLOTTE??? check back tomorrow


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