Good Morning London!

Part 1: The Flight To London
Part 2: Wow, Hello London! Nice to meet you.
Part 3: Royal Albert Hall, Double Decker Buses & 1st Hard Rock Cafe In The World
Part 4: My 130 Bucks Pasta in London
Part 5: Midnight Walk in London
Part 6: Picadilly Circus & Crazy Queue At Trafalgar Square!

So the next morning, we were supposed to meet up at 9am for breakfast. I woke up at 7 and went out to walk around the hotel area by myself. LOVE the cool air and the whole ‘London’ thing as it was my first time there.. everything looked interesting to me ahahahha

I came our from the hotel and I saw this..

If this was in Malaysia, I bet people would have stolen these and there would be no bicycles left

I then continued walking.. admiring the building architectures.. which we dont get to see here in Msia.

2 things that signify London.

People were all rushing to work I think.. they looked serious. Heh

Marks & Spencer! I went in to check it out and noticed that their version is so much nicer to shop in.. selling clothes, household items and groceries..


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