Goodbye Cybershot

Yes, I sold off my Sony Ericsson K800 already. Damn kanjiong now. Something I love lots lots lots is coming. 😀

Anyways, got tagged by Jen. (I don normally do tags.. but this one is easy n simple… so can lo. ahaha)

10 Things i LIKE…

* 1. I LIKE phones! Symbian phones omg!

* 2. I LIKE to waste time sitting in front of my PC doing nothing.

* 3. I LIKE hanging out with my frens! go yumcha.. movies.. redbox.. wah.. seronoks 😀

* 4. I LIKE watcihng free movies. hahah I am so used to getting free tickets all the time.. now I feel that the RM10 for a movie is damn expensive

* 5. I LIKE to watch anime. Currently watching Naruto Shippuden and Bleach.

* 6. I LIKE food! Eating is my passion and chewing is my hobby.

* 7. I LIKE bodystep. The latest release is damn nice. “Over the top!”, “Gallop!”, “Around the world”… weee!

* 8. I LIKE to send SMS more then calling people.

* 9. I LIKE POLO T’s, Adidas sneakers and caps.

* 10. I LIKE to buy phones the moment they are launched without thinking of how much the price would decrease if I were to buy them a month later or so


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