Goodbye Eujuin!

Few months back Eujuin had a farewell party at his place. He was leaving for Australia to further his studies.

So the whole night was just makan makan n camho lol

Ooo plates on table were still full.. sure very hungry dat time lol

Then more friends came! It was time for a group shot!

Random shot. Matching shirt colours. Bernard, Me, Suetmei, Chris and Eujuin.

The next activity that night was Monopoly deal! 😀

Ok lah thats it. Goodbye Eujuin take care and good luck. Nex time come back we go take photo again k.



  1. sean

    smashpOp! nice meet u again!~ (err ok..altho not related with post)

    smashpOp Replies:

    hey nice meeting u too! ahhaha

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