Goodbye Isaac

ok final part of SYTYCD competition.

the bottom 6 emerged after all of them performed.

The 6 of them had to do a solo dance respectively to win the hearts of Malaysia and get them to vote.

Among the 6, I liked the dances from Becky. Alam and Isaac.

Nothing much lah her dance! Not much skill involved.

What do you think? Watch this video to find out

Then this guy also damn hebat!

Watch his video. chunness!

and lastly, Mr Isaac yang disingkirkan.

Many people said that it was a wrong decision to kick Isaac. Cos his dance video was superb.

View it. Dont miss it.

Oh and they recorded the live version of 8tv Quickie right in front of me! dono if anyone saw me on tv that day. 😀

hmm wonder what photos i’ll be posting tomorrow. hehe 😀


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