Goodbye Jump

Iwan wants me to call him. Wayne asked me to call him if im lost. Karenn wants to join. Kimbustion wants to jump with me.


Batu Caves pt.3

I went higher up in the caves and…


and i saw the mummy, daddy and baby

ppl were feeding them with fruits.. 😛

Wah… @[email protected]

Nothing much to do here so it was time to go down again.. -_-

When i was coming out of the cave, i saw this

Exercise is not allowed ok.

Again.. the stairs.. lol

By the time i reach here.. my parents were already at the bottom. So i had to ask some stranger to snap this photo for me

The moment i finshed jumping, it started to rain.. so i ran to the car…

finish story.

So how’s the 3 days trip to Batu caves? Educational? Everyone happy?

Now pay me 10 bux each. kthxbai


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