Goodbye Sydney


we’ve finally reached the very last post from my Sydney trip. hehe…

here goes!

I took this photo while we re still wandering on the streets in the morning… edited of course… the real thing is damn dark..

the next morning i forced myself to wake up early to have breakfast… cos i didnt manage to do so for the past few days in Sydney.

remember the black van i mentioned in my very first Sydney post? yes.. we took the van and went to the airport after checking out from the hotel.

we chilled at Starbucks for a while and went shopping at the duty free shops after that.

Itsa very niice book i see… hi five!

we checked in to the airport and flew back to Malaysia!

5 days in Sydney made me miss curry a lot… luckily MAS airline serves Malaysian food. hehehe

and here’s a video of us at Starbucks, Sydney Airport.



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