Gubra Outing

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA smashpOp who spoofed Sepet and Gubra went to watch the movie last night at KLCC.

The people who went were…
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(L-R) ME!!!!, Johnson, Albert, Jasiminne, Kyels and Victor.

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More pics! Jasiminne was sad.. cos she had no one to hug.. lol.. and yea. the crown? was our job 😛 .. and thats Victor happily holding the 6 tickets.

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After the movie.. we went to the park outside KLCC to take some photo.. and this was what we got.. we were supposed to stand still during the 2 seconds.. but the penguin and albert kept moving.. haha

oh.. don flame me.. but i feel like showing this again.. ahha

a spoof poster i did with Jen for Gubra..


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