Haadyai Station Jump!

After enjoying bird’s nest, we walked allllllllll the way to the edge of the town to visit the Hatyai railway station.

The building was named “Haadyai Station” how come?

The station was packed! Train hasnt arrived and strangers staring at us like we were from space lol

Posing a bit. lol thanks Miao.

Security: “See what?!”
Me: “Cannot isit?”

Train is here! Passengers are happy.

Train left! I was happy! Cos I can do the smashpOp Jump! lol

This kid looks cute kan? The mother was very friendly too. Kept talking chatting with us and let us snap photos of her kid.



  1. andrew lee

    when did you go to hatyai?

    i almost made it during CNY bro but no kaki willing to travel during cny with me. they think i siao.. haha..

    smashpOp Replies:

    i was there like 4 months ago. ahhaha wah cny go hatyai ah? siao. LOL

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