Hachiban Ramen

I forgot when was this… I went to 1U with mum and came here for lunch.

Ramen.. i like

When i went in… there were not many customers but they came in gradually

Mum ordered this

The real thing. Tasted quite good. Recommended if u come here makan

Mine mine mineeeeeeeee

I expected the gyoza to taste bad since its free… but then its damn nice… lol prolly cos i was hungry 😛

Anyone reading this a gyoza lover? lets go makan lotsa gyoza one day.. 😀

Recommended by smashpOp. Go try now!



  1. hamie

    this restaurant no longer exist.huhu…I was hungry for paitan tantan ramen last week when it comes to despair when I found out it already has gone…replaced by Lameeya. Sob..sob… Ramen is going to extinct!!

  2. hamie

    eyp…I grab this pics for my blog…! thanks.hehe

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