Happy Jacklyn

Just back from Jacklyn’s birthday dinner at Izzi, Bukit Bintang.

photos will be posted soon.. maybe after a week ahahaha

anyways… few more photos from the Nokia S60 dinner.

Dinesh: My N95 punya GPS damn fast ok
Kimberly: yameh… mine detects the satellite instantly.
David: alaaaa.. mine always on
Me: mine dono fast or not but someone hold my N95 can? I wan take picture. lol

I brought Adrian and Victor to the dinner.. ahha cos they are into Symbian as well.. both using Nseries.

we couldnt resist the temptation when we saw what was waiting for us on the table.

so we makan… kaokao… lol



  1. Jacklyn

    omg i think this is soooo weird

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