Happy Mansion, Seksyen 17 In Monochrome With Huawei P9 Plus

I happen to be around Seksyen 17 the other day for coffee and was kinda early for the appointment. Since I had the Huawei P9 Plus with me, I thought I could walk around the Happy Mansion area to test out the monochrome feature using the lens technology that was designed together with Leica.

Here are some photos I took. They are unedited unless mentioned.

First photo I took after I got out from the car. The clouds was awesome that day! [Contrast +1]

Walking along the shops on the ground floor. Most of them still unchanged from the old days.

A closer look at one of the printing shops. The lady was so focused that she couldn’t be bothered about me snapping non-stop. haha!

The perfect spot for Instagrammers.

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Always loved the looks of letterboxes. Not sure why. [Brightness +1, Contrast +1]

I then walked across to the other block.

This was placed at one of the car park lot. Superb casting of shadow by the setting sun.

Last stretch of walk before heading to the cafe. This man was chilling and smoking beside the store.

Time for coffee! Butter + Beans has recently renovated and they now expanded to 2 shoplots!

Click here to watch my unboxing of the Huawei P9 Plus.


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