Harbour Walk

ok after eating… must walk… must digest. so i walked… alone.

damn sad. the ladies wanted to go shopping or starbucks or something… the 2 guys wanted to go walk somewhere… and PaulTan left his dslr in the hotel.. so he had to walk back to get it.

so yea… i shoot alone lo.

another shot of I’m Angus before moving on to the street shoot. lol

the wind damn strong. the flag damn nice.

you see! after lunch… if don walk.. become like him.

and then i walked over to the boats… n first time i see water taxi hehe

erm… birds

and then i started walking back to the hotel.

but i saw this gal sitting there like damn sad

if these photos cannot give you the Darling Harbour feel…

then watch the video below 😀


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