Hatyai Day2 Update: Floating market, Songkhla Mermaid & Eating insects

This is the summary post of what we did on the 2nd day in Hatyai.. which was.. 2 days ago. Detailed post with more photos and videos will be up soon.
I posted summary of day 1 previously. Click here to view my Hatyai Day 1 update.

Thanks to Air Asia again for flying us there. Air Asia now flies to Hatyai! No more long hours drive on boring highways! Flight only takes about 1hr. Save time!

So we woke up early in the morning at about 830am for breakfast. Our stay included buffet breakfast for 2 days. Then we hired a guy to drive us around and to bring us to Songkhla. Songkhla is a province in Thailand and Hatyai is just one of the districts in it.

First location was up the hill! They had this Buddha statue on the top overlooking the whole Hatyai. The statue you see at the bottom right is actually statue of the Kuan Yin. This is a must visit spot if you like taking photos of scenery.

We spent like an hour here and took 1000 photos. LOL.. a group shot before leaving for the next destination.

The guide brought us to the sea… I actually didnt know anything about this place.. I later found out that it’s called the Samila Beach and there’s a very famous mermaid statue there. Of course we went and camho with the mermaid. Hahahah

The next destination where we went for lunch… was one of the best/most relaxing one I’ve visited during this whole trip. The car had to go on a ferry ride to make a journey across the Songkhla lake to this place called Yo Island(that’s what it says on Google maps).

It’s a fishing village and we had seafood by the sea next to some mangrove swamp.. which looked good in photos.. hehe (Click here or the photo above to enlarge)

We ordered green curry chicken, sea bass prepared in 2 styles; steam and fried in sweet & sour sauce and a fried kangkung dish. Superb. We also had coconut juice each.. and we only paid about 220Baht each.. which is about RM22. Very cheap.

Oh we also went to the Underwater world in Songkhla.. entry was 300Baht each.(RM30).. looks exactly the same as other underwater worlds like the one in Langkawi, Aquaria KLCC and Sentosa in SG.

My most looked forward destination on the 2nd day was Khlong Hair, aka The Floating Market. At the pathway to the river, they had stalls selling all kinds of food… including fried insects and worms… we braved ourselves and bought some and each of us tried different ones. I tried the cricket. Tasted ok.. ahhaa I had videos of us trying them… will try to post them up soon. 😀

I love this floating market. Although its not as grand as the one in Bangkok… but it was satisfying enough for the floating market virgin me. Hahahah

Our day 2 in Hatyai ended at the night market where we bought food and other stuff.

Hat Yai Day 3 + Memorable moments blog post will be up next!

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    Wah you are quick. Nice photos. And the site of the deep fried creepies and crawlies are making me nauseous once again!!!

    But I really like the floating market photo!

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahaahha u nauseous everytime lah.. LOL thanks .. i love that photo as well 😀

  2. Wilson Ng

    Nice pictures.

    smashpOp Replies:

    wah sampai post 2 kali lol

  3. Wilson Ng

    Pictures BEST

  4. Niki Cheong

    You are prettier than the mermaid. 😛

    And I love the t-shirt!! Santttaaaaaaaa!

    smashpOp Replies:

    WHAT! lol … u mean more hemsem. lollll

  5. alvink

    i wanna go floating markettt! 😛

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  6. mahsyar

    lol the mermaid. gold hand

    smashpOp Replies:

    cos everyone touch that hand lol

  7. AngelKein

    Your mermaid picture looks like you photoshoped urself in. :O

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahaha isit

  8. J2Kfm

    Seriously, the shot of those bugs got me …. smacking my lips.
    Those smaller ones at least, for when fried with much pepper and salt, actually quite good.

  9. leesa

    great pictures, would like too see more, if can, pls add me in facebook : Leesa property

  10. yk

    what is the name of the night market? 🙂

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