Hello Cheung Chau!

So after breakfast, where did we go? We took a boat to the famous Cheung Chau island outside of Hongkong.

The boat/ferry ride was 1 hr.

1hr is not very long but the regulars there were so used to it they actually knew what to do on the ferry.

They read newspaper, they sleep…

… and they snore while I capture, capture and capture.

Finally arrived at the pier of Cheung Chau. We were welcomed by the view of the streets and the ol skool shop houses.

As we were walking along the main street, we saw many hawkers and shops. Since this small town is in an island, I assume they get to eat seafood a lot?

Most of them were selling food. Dimsum, snacks, paos, chee cheong fun.. etc etc etc

I love the environment there. Love the village/old town feel. I felt like the people there were friendly and everyone seems to know one another.

MORE photos and info about Cheung Chau next!



  1. FeeQ

    NIce nice.. but the 2nd picture that old ladies looks scary XP

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahaha yea wor.. like mayat a bit lol

  2. Albert Ng

    Wah the chairs are exactly the same ones in the RapidKL buses!

    smashpOp Replies:

    OH YEAHHHHHH cheap chairs la lol

  3. ahKOK

    nice place to visit especially during the BAO festival!

  4. university student

    I went to Hong Kong before, but never visit to Cheung Chau. Thinking to visit there again this year.

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