Hello Korea Here We Come!

So few months ago, I was invited by Air Asia X to join them for a familiarisation trip to Korea in conjunction with their launch of flights from KL to Incheon, Korea.
So media from tv, newspaper and a blogger were invited. Woohoo!

UNFORTUNATELY, I forgot to bring my dslr battery charger so I had to live the whole 1 week in Korea with the 2 batteries I had. That was also why most of the photos and videos I took there were by the iPhone 4, just like this post.

So all of us met up at LCCT, went through a tiny briefing and introduction, then went to meet our ride to Korea.

Air Asia X! It was my first time goin on the ‘X’.. usually its just Air Asia.

Short video I recorded while walking to the aircraft.

So we are onboard and ready to fly!

New friends from Sin Chew Jit Poh and RTM.

Friendly people on board makes us happy and fun fun fun. lol

I have always loved flight meals no matter wat they serve hehe.

Few hours flight and we got board. Luckily we had apps like “Photobooth” to camho non stop.

Another new friend. First time to Korea as well.

NEXT UP! The Arrival in Incheon Airport.



  1. simonso

    so lausy wan the picture quality..

    smashpOp Replies:

    cos not taken using blackberry ma

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