Hello MTV World Stage!

= Photos in this post taken using my N97, T900 Cybershot and Alpha 700 =

3 months ago the MTV World Stage concert was held at Sunway Surf Beach and as usual, I was there.. lol along with the rest of the bloggers.

We queued for almost an hour to enter the mosh pit area (yesh we got mosh pit tickets!)

Everyone went in already… only left Ewin and me… cos we both went late and were also discussing if we should bring cameras or not…

Yatta! Finally made it to the mosh pit… as you can see, the area was still quite empty as there were not many moshpitters yet.

I met Eujuin, Zhi Sheng n Chris there..

There were 2 big screens on both sides of the stage and they were displaying random tweets sent to MTV. So we all took out our phones and twitted away. Check out mine on the screen.. ahhahaha

I then sent another twit “MTV Jump” and as it appeared on the screen we jumped!

A bit failed as my Cybershot wasnt fast enough.. but nvm! ahaha

Check out the stage yo! Local bands like Estranged were the opening acts for the concert.





  1. goingkookies

    haha.. i like d last pic.. super clear and the guy’s eyes super bulgy!!

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahah cos its the only foto in this post taken using dslr. lol

  2. ewin

    wah me carrying your beg, from the back nice wor. fuahhh

  3. suetmei

    woots. me cousie.

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