Hello Putrajaya

Long long time ago, weeeeks before I went to Bandung, the gang and I went to Putrajaya for a photoshoot outing.

but before we start taking pics of the place…

we camho-d! 😀

(L-R: Nick, Chowster, Rames, Cherrie, Jen, Slinky, me, Bryan) the rest of the gang were not in this photo cos they didnt have a dSLR.

The place was super windy and spacious.. so nice so nice….. these 2 went siao n lied on the ground n camho haa

this one i like. got others also la.. but i think i like this the most

i wanna pose alone can? ahaha

Kelli:ah pOp! ah pOp! come come take a picture of me lying in the middle of the road
Me: errr why suddenly? >_>
Kelli: ahha pretend i get hit by car n die ma..
Me: oh okok come u go die far far there.. i snap haha

and about 30-45mins of taking pics of ourselves, we got ready to drive our cars to the other side of the city

I think we had like 6 cars that day 😀 so grand


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