Hello Tech Ed

Remember we went for Tech Ed briefing?

We volunteered ourselves on the first day of the actual event to help out during the Live Fest segment.

We reached there… waiting at one corner for the briefing..

then I saw these big butterflies everywhere…..

I walked towards one of them and found out that they were the MSN butterfly girls. ahha

and i caught one lol

Chun Wei… our team leader then came and gathered and briefed us about the stuff we had to do on that night.

Didnt realise that our group actually consists of 90% bloggers ahahha

Then we went down to lower ground floor to have our free dinner

Kenny Roger’s half chicken set! woot!

All felt sleepy after eating.. ahha
then we got our LiveMessenger Tshirts and were asked to wear them while on duty.

and so we got ready to transform!

transform to our Microsoft outfit! hahahaa

Come back tomorrow for more photos.


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