Hiews Bday at Luna

Last month we went to celebrate Hiew88’s birthday at LunaBar.

I have only met him once… and this was the 2nd time. ahahha don care.. even if i dont know him also i might join.. since the rest of the gang are all the regulars.

but something was different that night.

was different.

i felt awkward the whole night.


i didnt bring my camera. >_>

luckily jen brought hers… well at least we still have photos to share. 😀

jen and eunice camhoring in front of the black wall…(seriously.. black walls are fun)

ooo more people came! we took more group pics! (back row > hiew, nkwai, junn, maykuan front row > hiew’s gf, hikaru, jen and I)

and then… more n more n MORE people came! the round table like cannot fit us d.. lol

Ryan… who has been missing for a very very long time returned to our gang…

and we continued taking photos! haha

oh while taking photos, we did enjoy ourselves with the red wine, pineapple juice, mango juice and pizza.

i then camho-d in front of the black wall… heh.

and lastly…

hiew the star of the night.. and the guys… with eyes closed.


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