Hikaru’s Birthday Piglet

At El Cerdo, we also ordered the roasted whole piglet. I felt weird looking at it… felt so bad for killing the piglet..

The staff then taught us how to cut the piglet into pieces using the plate.

It is believed to bring good luck if we trash the plate used for cutting the piglet.

I took a bite at the pork and I couldnt stand the very strong taste and smell of the pig.. so I didnt eat it. The rest enjoyed it a lot tho.

Then it was time to camho.. ahahah

Caryn.. only get to see her like once a year eheh

Hikaru’s birthday dessert..

Group shot before we left 😀



  1. EVo

    This is another non halal post ahaha. sapoot!

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahhahaha u memang suka makan babi eh?

  2. biopolymath

    Let’s put candles on the birthday piglet can?

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahah later the pig pain how?

  3. ahlost

    Hikaru told us that we were supposed to meet up with you and your gang the other night but end up 🙁

    But but.. guess what.. we’re going again next month.. this time for marathon.. are you guys joining?

  4. mbts-mbtshoes


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