hitz.fm Lie Detector

You might have probably heard it before…

You might have probably participated in it….

“Malaysia Exposed…. The hitz.fm Lie Detector, with JJ & Rudy”

Ever wondered how it’s like in real life?

I was tooo busy body few days ago so I went over to the Hitz studio to take some photos of the recording.

When I went in, JJ was already at his seat… apparently, the guest that day… was our own Malaysian Idol, Ms. Jacklyn Victor. hahaahahaha

Then came in Encik Akhbar and his assistant… while they were setting up the lappie, Rudy and Jin walked over to have a look at the system.

Mr. assistant plugging cords n cucuking jarums onto Jac’s body.

graph showed that everything was fine and the test was ready to take place.

ME: so Jac… how do you feel now?
Jac: hahaha my finger is getting numb!
ME: hey smile a bit n pose for the camera

and so she did.. hahaha looked happy rite? actualleeeeeeee she was a bit the kanjiong…

Here are 2 videos of the process.

Watch it! They may sound different from what you hear on radio. ahhahaa

after everything was done… I quickly grabbed Jac and JJ for a shot.

Thanks Jin for snapping this foto.

For more Lie Detector action, go to hitz.fm


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