HK #2: Soho, pOplank & #NokiaTSN

It’s the 2nd day we’re in Hongkong!

The day started off with breakfast at the hotel.

Typical breakfast but of course there a lot more variety.

Since we had free time from breakfast to 6pm, we went to Central to check out Soho.

That was where I did my Hongkong Plank.

The reason why we are in Hongkong is because of this. Nokia’s Try Something New event. More coverage on the event on my other blog,

So there you go, day 2 in HK summarised.



  1. ewin

    why macam fishy wan the soho pic.
    why soho pic bigger geh lol

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahha its a sweep panorama photo. from bottom to top. 😛

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