HK #4: BEST DAY EVER! TaiChi, Helicopter, Massage & Jumbo

This is the last summary update from the HongKong trip happened the whole this week. What we did on the 4th day in the “Nokia Try Something New Trip”? Here goes.

Woke up at 7am to learn Tai Chi. That’s… indeed something new for all of us.

We went on a helicopter ride to fly around Hongkong island. Thats new too!

Took this group shot after lunching at The Pigeon House.

The day got even better when we went for body massage at Mandarin Hotel in Hongkong.

Just before dinner, we went for a short tour around town on the double decker tour bus. NEW!

Dinner wasnt too shabby at all. We were shocked to find out that our dinner was at JUMBO the floating restaurant.

Gotta thanks NOKIA and WOMWorldNokia for having us on this trip and pampering us all the way. Really REALLY appreciate everything.



  1. Jo Ho

    M in one of those! YEAH

  2. Justin

    Your photos made Hong Kong even more attractive. I would link some of your HK photos to my Facebook and a skyscraper forum (if you don’t mind, and I’ll quote source link.).
    I want to say your trip is so “tourist” like. You missed a lots of things in Hong Kong. (I have already mentioned this on CJ’s twitter) It seems even four days is not enough to explore a small city here. I am so proud of a Hongkonger.
    How did you guys plan your trip to HK? Or was it planned by Nokia so you have to go to this places and activities and scan NFC tag?
    Anyway you guys seemed so happy together. I wish I have chances like this to visit a city with bloggers.

  3. Andy

    The helicopter ride killed it, man!

  4. George Lim

    Oh great! The photos made me miss Hog Kong very much… going to book another trip back there. 🙂

  5. Benooi

    Tai-Chi YENG!

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