HK CharChanTeng

So we left HK airport at about 1pm and the bus took us to the hotel to check in.

Guess what….. the traffic condition in HK is the same as KL! ahahahahahaha

Jam JAm JAM…. we then reached the hotel at 3.30pm. It’s The Parklane Hotel.

at about 4pm we got into our rooms… settled down… rest a bit.. and went look for food after that.

when we r in HK of kos la makan HK food … kan?

we then found a typical kopitiam (they call it Char Chan Teng there)

looks familiar?

tried the milk tea… tasted like those from KimGary… but the price.. ahaha $17.00… means about RM8.50?

I ordered this…. not bad.. i like. ahhaa feel like eating again now… about $40… which means… RM20

Mum ordered the wantan mee….

after eating we walked out of the ‘kopitiam’ and i could feel the cool breeze already. Damn nice!

Took a photo of the char chan teng… while my aunts and my mum were looking at the stuff being sold by the roadside.

The area we were at was called Causeway Bay… aka ‘Thoong Loh Wan’ in cantonese.

It’s the ‘happening area’ for Hongkong Island as youngsters love to hang out here for shopping… meetups and casual hang outs.

80% of the people there wore black. Maybe its the trend there kut..

The night is still young… about 730pm… we then looked for MTR and went somewhere…. somewhere damn famous in Hongkong…

check back tomorrow


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