HongKong Disneyland, Here I Come!

Woohoo! I’m going to Hongkong tomorrow!
This may be my 2nd trip there this year but it’s my 1st time to Disneyland Hongkong since the opening! I heard they have many new rides opened and 2 of the parks really caught my attention.
First one is definitely Asia Exclusive of Toy Story Land!

According to the website, Toy Story Land has the BIGGEST new attractions there. That’s probably because the rides are SUPER GIANT sized (look at the image above and you will get what I mean). This time around, we get shrunked into the size of a toy and will be exploring Andy’s backyard in a whole new way.

They have some amazing rides in Toy Story Land and one of them (which I cant wait to try is the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop!
Next park is the new World Exclusive Grizzly Gulch park in a Wild Wild West theme.

One of the biggest attraction is the Runaway Mine Cars. Looks really great and hope to try it this weekend.

Here’s the overview of the Grizzly Gulch area.
OK need to start packing and get ready to fly to HongKong!


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