Hongkong Market

okay! on to Day4 of my HongKong trip.

early in the morning… after breakfast, we visited one of the market nearby

just like in the dramas eh? 😀

was kinda scared when i was holding the slr in the market… haha but luckily no one scolded me

after that we walked under the bridge to get to the other side of the road and i saw this.

dono how to explain.. but its what hongkong is famous for i think.. lol

as we crossed another road, i snapped the ‘ding ding cheh’ aka ‘tin cheh’ one of the cheapest mode of transport in HK.

we then went back to the hotel to prepare ourselves for our activities for the day

the nearby curry fishball stall

at noon… my family went somewhere and I didnt go with them. Instead, I went to TimesSquare to meet my friend from HK

That’s Mark. Went to lunch.. and then had drinks with him at nearby Starbucks.


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